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The secret to accurate putting is right under your nose. The patent-pending Putt Par Golf Training Aid was designed to help every golfer, both professionals and amateurs alike, become better putters of the ball.  You are most likely one of the 99% of golfers worldwide who have never received a professional putting lesson.
With the Putt Par Golf Training Aid you will learn proper body position, eye position, hand position, grip and pendulum swing. You will learn how to correctly align your ball to a target and produce a square strike on the equator of the ball.
You'll be amazed at how quickly you can improve your putting by using the Putt Par Golf Training Aid and 30 Step Professional Putting Lesson!

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About 30 Steps to Putt Par Golf

This is not Putting 101!

It is an advanced aid intended for the serious golfer who enjoys competing and winning!

With the PPG Training Aid you will be able to visualize the pendulum motion required to produce a square strike on the ball.  The 30 Steps teach body position, balance, head and eye location over the ball, square stance to your target, proper hand grip, smooth square takeaway and follow through while keeping the putter head between the alignment strings, and last but not least, the forward press of hands to deliver a square strike on the equator of the ball.

Do you pull back and push through or push back and pull through?  You will learn the proper technique! Practice putting from 3 to 12 feet with this uniquely designed, durable, compact putt training aid and the 30 Steps of Instruction. You will learn to Putt Par Golf!

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Professional Golf Putting Lesson

"18 Steps to Putt Par Golf"

Purchase a Personal Target and you will also receive "18 Steps to Putt Par Golf",

step-by-step instructions to improve your putting.

The Personal Target is designed for the courteous golfer striving to improve their putting and chipping skills on the golf course putting green or it can be used at home.

Locate an area of the putting green away from the holes to place your Personal Target and practice your chipping and putting without disturbing other golfers or letting them disturb you!

See Blog Feed on next page for more information about what you will learn from "18 Steps to Putt Par Golf".

The Personal Target comes standard in Green/Black but is also available in select College colors with Team Logo so you can sport your favorite team or alma mater! 

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