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Touring Professionals Putting Percentages

1. As our bodies age, we lose muscle strength and stamina, as well as concentration. Each of these conditions affects our ability to play competitive and/or enjoyable golf.

2. The short game, as it pertains to on and around the green surface, is a part of the game of golf where even a serious golfer wanting to improve their skills can play nearly as well as a young LPGA or PGA touring professional golfer! However, commitment and practice are required!

3. Hitting long drives, keeping the ball in the fairways and hitting greens in regulation are all extremely important to the touring golf professionals. With that in mind, it is so refreshing to hear most of them say that PUTTING WELL is the most important part of their game!

4. You may be surprised to see the following putting statistics compiled among PGA Touring Professionals in the year 2020:

The percentages represent putts made:

99.4% at 3’ 91.43% at 4’ 80.72% at 5’ 70.21% at 6’

60.6% at 7’ 52.86% at 8’ 46.38% at 9’ 41.25% at 10’

30.1% at 11’ to 15’ 18.3% at 15’ to 20’ 12.47 at 20’ to 25’

The Putt Par Golf Training Aid & Game is designed to make you a much better putter, whether you are nine years old or ninety years young!

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