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YOU can expect to SHOOT PAR THIS YEAR!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Most Golf Courses are designed with four Par 5, four Par 3, and ten Par 4 holes, thus making Par at 72 strokes. Par is considered perfect golf.

Greens in Regulation” is the number of strokes one would take to reach the putting surface (Green.) Greens in Regulation would allow for three strokes on Par 5, two strokes on Par 4, and one stroke on Par 3 holes; a cumulative 36 strokes in perfect golf to reach the Green.

With thirty-six strokes for Greens in Regulation representing half of Par, thirty-six strokes remain for "Putts in Regulation" to reach seventy-two, Par for the Course.

This allows two putts per hole on each Green to shoot Even Par for the Round.

The Putt Par Golf Training Aid & Game which includes Instructions with 30 Professional Putting Tips can help YOU SHOOT PAR ON THE GREENS THIS YEAR!

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